Biodiversity – A Journal of Life on Earth

Isn’t life beautiful ?  Coming Soon


Image : Suvarna Ventures

11 thoughts on “Biodiversity – A Journal of Life on Earth

    1. Hello Mann…
      I come from a technology project management background. With this blog, I wish to add stories to the vast collection of images I have clicked.
      I am researching on Planet Earth, Biodiversity, Environmental Science and Conservation.
      The overall theme for this blog is Visual Stories.
      I will also write stories on topics I am an expert on like telecommunications, retail etc.
      Let me know if you can help.

      By the way.. I read that bees are very important from biodiversity point of view.

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      1. Yes you are absolutely right…Bees are very important… and interesting at the same time. I too share your passion for clicking nature. It’s another thing that I come from the same background i.e. animal science and my husband is actually an entomologist-he has earned his PhD degree in this very field.
        BTW, Your visuals are commendable. Keep up the good work.

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      2. Hey..Thanks Mann.. Tonight I shall post about what Suvarna Ventures is all about. The journey so far..Having lost 10,000 images and start all over…and I am doing this just for education purpose. Stay tuned.
        Glad to know about yours and your hubby’s interest.
        Surely, I will need your inputs.

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