Aadarsh turns 9

Suvarna Academy

My son, Aadarsh turns 9 today. Β He has made me proud and emotional.

I can’t believe time flies.

I wrote a post about how I felt when he was born.

Sharing the post with you.

How does a father feel about the birth of his child ?

a-toddler-playing-with-toys Baby Aadarsh


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20 thoughts on “Aadarsh turns 9

      1. Oh Sudhir …that’s usually MY question …not used to it …..but Thankyou for asking …..the truth? ….not really sure …ok but exhausted as in the thick of it really …lots going on ….by the end of month should be divorced ….so will know whether still got a house ….and all sorts going on at work the next few weeks but again…by end of month should know whether I’ve still got a job ………..plus some stuff to sort out re my eldest son …again should know where stand by the end of month ……feels like a lot coming at me all at once …feels like living on a knife edge of uncertainty and everything might come crashing down …..STILL I guess it’s better all at once than dragging on really πŸ™‚
        Trying to get plenty om ing in to stay calm

        Oh ….and Sudhir ..you might be a pain in the bum with your ‘coming soon’s’ :D:D:D ……but I can see you are a good man …kind and thoughtful …..Thankyou:)

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      2. Why aren’t we interacting more often ? Shall I share my story, how did I reach so far ? Again..Coming soon..but only if you wish to read…You are in my prayers.


      3. Thankyou again Sudhir ….and yes ….really looking foreward to your ‘coming soon’s ….although the wait is VERY frustrating :D:D:D
        And I would love to hear your story if you feel to share it ….for me right now tho …like I said …it’s as tho a number of things are coming to a head in my life ….I’m in a weird kind of mood …kind of restless but peaceful ….should be worried sick …but I’m strangely not ….should know what I am left with or not by the end of the month ….just want peace and plan some kind of direction really …but meanwhile just having to ride it …..am sure things will work out ok in the end ……whatever ….will just have to deal with it:)

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