Does prayer have power to heal ?

Suvarna Academy

Some believe…some don’t…….Coming soon !!

Within few minutes of publishing this post, I got a comment that the title should ‘Do prayers have powers?’ and not ‘Does prayers have powers?’

I checked the internet and found thousands of websites that start with ‘Does’.

But that is no the point I am making. Just in case, if anyone did not notice, there is a photograph attached with this post.

I was on my crutches and had to lie on the floor in front of the first row to click this image.

Plus, my prayers worked as I recovered and now fit to tell stories.

Another post I plan to write is about people who just point out minor flaws and do not look at the big picture.

Indian-classical-dance-culture-stock-image Image courtesy: Suvarna Ventures

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One thought on “Does prayer have power to heal ?

  1. I pray it does, because sometimes, it’s all I can do. So far it’s working. I’ve been praying for a few people in my life, and so far, they are doing better than I expected.


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