Does prayer have power to heal ?

Some believe…some don’t…….Coming soon !!

Within few minutes of publishing this post, I got a comment that the title should ‘Do prayers have powers?’ and not ‘Does prayers have powers?’

I checked the internet and found thousands of websites that start with ‘Does’.

But that is no the point I am making. Just in case, if anyone did not notice, there is a photograph attached with this post.

I was on my crutches and had to lie on the floor in front of the first row to click this image.

Plus, my prayers worked as I recovered and now fit to tell stories.

Another post I plan to write is about people who just point out minor flaws and do not look at the big picture.

Image courtesy: Suvarna Ventures

18 thoughts on “Does prayer have power to heal ?

    1. Okay, let the person whose native language is English speak on this subject. You both are wrong. You both are beautiful people, but no, it should be “Does Prayer Have The Power To Heal?” Get on it, Sudhir. You’re a nice man. You can do it.

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      1. So you did not notice the image as well. Bless you ! Don’t think I don’t know English. It’s just that I hate nit -pickers who won’t see anything positive in life.


      2. I noticed the image, sweetie. I believe I commented on the image before making this comment. Pay attention, sweetheart. But I hate criticism, too, so I understand. You STILL make me proud.


      1. We do. We are proud of you, Sudhir, we really are. However, we want to have you be educated so that you will grow in your art and craft of the English language. Trust me. This language is a huge pain in the ass. I’ll translate that last sentence later on. 😉


      2. I also recommend follow people are native English and probably did not ever bother to inquire about you. To do that you need a big heart and not excellent command over the language. Thank you !


    1. Indeed Eve… Our brain is very powerful. Thoughts travel. We think of people who live in another country thousands of miles away. It should be possible to communicate to God too, after all we are here because of Him.

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  1. Does prayer have the power to heal? I. Would say that yes it does but it all depends on our person and what we choose to believe. Personal belief holds greater power than the prayers we choose to recite.

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