The Boat – a visual story

The boat is not just a boat….. Many parts of the world were discovered through boats.

Boats of different shapes, sizes were used for different purpose through out the history of the world.



Coming Soon.







14 thoughts on “The Boat – a visual story

      1. What the heck do I know Sudhir ……just go with the one that feels right ….the one you are going to enjoy writing the most ….they ALL look like interesting options to me:) ……I ‘commented’ on the boat post because I had been scrolling down ‘like’ ing ….but thinking can’t WAIT to read one of these ….and finally lost the plot and HAD to say so:D:D:D
        And Thankyou for asking ….life a little insane just now …should be able to come up for air at the end of March …..too busy to read blogs really but can’t help it ….it’s a nice distraction:D:D:D

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      2. Thankyou Sudhir ….that’s really kind …I’ve ridden a few storms over the years …..see my ‘Tuning into Om ….a DIY job’ post …..I guess I know things will turn out how they’re meant to ….one way or the other things will be ok:)

        And yes …keep smiling …my youngest once said to me …’If you smile you look happy on the outside ….which makes you think happy on the inside ….then you ARE happy’ :D:D:D

        Just get on with one of these posts Sudhir ….that’ll cheer us ALL up …..and no doubt give food for thought as well …..the suspense is terrible:D:D:D

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      3. Indeed Fijay. You won’t believe few years ago I wanted to give up life. I quit my career to pursue my passion. Clicked more than 20,000 images.. Met with an accident then chronic depression and lost my brother in law.
        Hanged in there. Thanks to every one’s support, this blog will be busy.
        However, since I am alone on my start up, I feel good to interact with people like you. Stay blessed.
        I will surely check out your post. Keep smiling.

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      1. I don’t know how to send you the link:D:D:D … come you can’t see it? …..hmmmm …..folk have said this before about my blog ….lthere must be somthing I’m not doing right ….just kind of do my thing then ‘press’ ………site is called if that helps …..and yes ….yes ….I know …..a ridiculous name for a site but some of the other ideas I had were already taken so I just started getting silly:D:D:D

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      2. Set up a new WHAT??? ……Ah …yes …I did try to set up a blog just before this one but the image I posted was whipped away for verification or something and never came back ….set this one up a couple of weeks later …tried to post the image again too but it was having none of it ….I haven’t a CLUE what I’m doing truth be known:D:D:D
        I’ll try what you say tho ….when I get round to it:D:D:D …..Thankyou:)


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