How do you deal with someone you know who suffers from depression ?

It’s a major challenge for anyone wanting to help a person suffering from depression.

First and foremost, one must understand depression is not sadness due to current work, financial, personal situation.

People suffering from depression want to cut off from others. This has nothing to do with anyone in their family.

The negative thought process goes out of control – thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness, darkness and they see no future and purpose in living – hence they have constant suicidal thoughts.

Though they cut off from people and often appear sad (remember it is not sadness – it is lack of emotions), they actually want someone to reach out to them on their own.

They usually come across as attention seekers but they are not.

People who suffer from depression love deep, meaningful conversation and not to be reminded they are in depression. They like to be treated as normal human.

A few kind word of praise works wonders – there is a lot of healing power in kind words we speak to each other. Unfortunately, in the current electronic communication taking priority, we have forgotten to talk to people face to face – where there is a lot of emotions on display.

People suffering from depression internally also feel horrible about themselves that they cause misery to their loved ones, who are confused about the sudden change in their behavior.

Be there for them. Listen to them. Once in a while just spend half hour to hear them out. Ensure that you are there when they need you.

Just an assurance that they are not alone in this world – will set the path for recovery for this hugely misunderstood illness.

Words heal.



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