Are women more compassionate than men ?

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26 thoughts on “Are women more compassionate than men ?

  1. Blimey …..there’s a question ….hmmmmm got me pondering myself and it’s bedtime now …buggar bet I’ll have difficulty getting to sleep because I’ll be ‘thinking’ ..wish I’d left reading this for the weekend:D:D:D


    1. Apologies Fijay… I accidentally clicked the trash button. However, I read your comment. Many thanks for your comment.
      The hardest bit about being compassionate is to understand the reason of narcissism. I wrote on more post about the 100 meter race and narcissism. It is up to the compassionate souls to make their loved ones aware about how their behavior affects others and why they are accepted as they are.
      Narcissist need the most compassion from others.
      Also, let me tell you compassion doesn’t mean you tolerate abuse. You just understand them deeply and try and change their behavior.
      I shall try and write in a separate post.

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  2. I’ve come to the conclusion …like yourself that compassion is not gender specific and I feel we are ALL capable of both narcissism AND compassion ….it depends on the wider society value which pushes us further down the narcisstic path ……because that voice is stronger, more aggressive it is winning the day ….so how do we move to a more ‘compassionate’ society?
    Hmmmmmm ……maybe it’s teaching kids the art of ‘Om’ from an early age ( that’s what I call meditation practice:D:D:D)
    Help them ‘ read between the lines’ of mass media … more value on ‘experience’ rather than ‘stuff’ …..embrace diversity ….care about each other and the other species on the planet ….the planet as a whole ….to believe we are somehow superior ally disconnected is the grossest form of narcissism in in itself.
    Then again …what the heck do I know:D:D:D

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I loved reading every word of it. I believe narcissism is born out of low self-esteem. When kids grow up in a troubled environment and they do not get enough love and encouragement, they grow up seeking approval of themselves and want to be a winner all the time. Also, work situation as you know most workplaces are toxic because of the dog-eat-dog-environment, people then carry their work troubles at home and there begins the cycle of affecting family members, kids and loved ones and then kids grow up behaving the same way. It has to stop somewhere.

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  3. Ha! …’s systems theory ….the two and fro of information maintaining the equilibrium of the whole and vice versa ( I love that theory) ….so …I guess the answer is ….to create a more ‘compassionate’ society ….you know CHANGE the status quo ….we can only do our little bit where we are …it’s Ghandi all over again ( although I personally believe in science and technology in an ideal society) BUT all we can do is each one of us ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ as best we can ……and who knows maybe a silent revolution will occur before it’s too late:)

    God …I MUST remember to do the chores as well as blogging and thinking tho:D:D:D


    1. Ultimately, tell you what. It is what and how we speak to each other. We have learnt to read and write but not how to speak in school. I feel women do better here than men.
      The choice of words is important – I wrote in another post.


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