Why the word ‘Failure’ must be removed from the dictionary ?

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Words have a deep impact on our emotions and self-esteem.  They can motivate you or devastate you.

One such word is ‘Failure’ that is so dreaded that one can safely assume that half the world population have not achieved their full potential just because of this one word.

Even worse is the attitude of people towards others when someone does not achieve the expected outcome.

At a very early stage in life, when most kids do not even understand the purpose of going to school, they are put to rigors of tests and exams.

If a student did not know the answer to the question in a test ‘Which season do crocodiles reproduce ?’ – Should one consider the student as a failure ?

Sadly, most students study just to get good scores because of fear of failure rather than the reward and wisdom they gain from learning.

By now…

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7 thoughts on “Why the word ‘Failure’ must be removed from the dictionary ?

  1. Lovely Post!
    Once when I was scared for an exam that would make or break my future in my chosen field, in a fit of fear I asked my dad what he’d do if I failed. He told me that if I did, he would encourage me to try something a little different next time. The problem isn’t that we fail, it is that we often adopt the same method the next time as well.

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