How does one deal with mid-career crisis ?

Suvarna Academy

Life begins at 40. I have another 40 to go which will be better than the previous.

Rewind to few years ago

What more could I have asked for in life ? Working in Information Technology for Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer, managing multi-millions pound projects. A 2 bed room posh flat in West London. A family and a handsome son. All that changed in few months when recession hit hard — big time.

Few months at home gave me a lot of time to think. I could have perhaps found some job to pay the bills — but my heart was not there. I had some time to think — long term. Am I satisfied with where I am today ? or is there more to me.

Majority of us are fans of one or more celebrity sports persons, musicians, singers, motion picture directors, dance performers, photographers and various artists. There is something unique about them. They have…

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