A milestone achieved….Thank you !!

Last night I posted about this blog achieving 500 followers. I was in fact hesitant to post about it because I thought 500 is such a small number though important for me.

Few have asked me the secret for 500 followers and here is the secret…

Hardwork, patience and perseverance. Sorry, this won’t make you feel better but there is no secret especially in current timesΒ since every 3rd person on this planet is blogging.

My approach has been to treat everyone here as a friend instead of a blog follower. That way it makes me feel good that I write for people who care to read my posts.

Also, the purpose of this blog is for people to believe in themselves and bounce back from failures.

Never give up on your goals though. Keep writing engaging content. You will gain followers soon or later.

Thank you once again !!





40 thoughts on “A milestone achieved….Thank you !!

    1. Thanks so much. Feels great to read your comment first thing in the morning. Have a great week ahead. Keep in touch. There are many stories to be published here. I look forward to your posts and more interaction.


      1. Thank you, but today is a sick day. I have been coming down with a cold for a while, so it caught up to me today. It sucks it happened on the busiest day of the week, but what can I do?


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