What is the real reason people suffer from depression ?

Suvarna Academy

Contrary to what majority of the world population believe, depression is not sadness due to setbacks caused as a result of failing in exams, not being selected for a dream job, failure in relationships etc.

That is a major problem for the loved ones to understand what someone going through depression faces.

People who suffer from depression look normal. They do not suffer from any physical symptoms.

Depression alters the brain chemistry though. The brain does shrink if depression is not treated over a long period of time.

The term ‘Depression’ is used loosely by people these days, and hence people suffering from chronic depression find it difficult to convince their loved ones what they are going through.

It is unfortunate that for many people who suffer in silence as a result of stigma in society, they are not taken seriously until they end their life.

While setbacks are one…

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