Why self-help books actually don’t work for you ?

Suvarna Academy

At some point in life, when we face hardships in life, we read books as a mechanism to cope with our setbacks and feel motivated to move on.

Self-help books have been around for a while and it’s a huge industry. When I visit Crossword, a book store very close to my residence, I often visit the self-help books section.

Theoretically, they all say the same thing but worded differently. You read this message nowadays about failure and coping with it and there are numerous examples of historical figures and celebrities who failed and bounced back in life.

While those people who bounced back in life, must have gone through years of hardships, the book that you read will tell a story from failure to success in under an hour of reading.

It is no doubt a feel good habit to read self-help books. Unfortunately,  the real world is a bit…

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