Are objects more important than a child’s feelings ?

A child drops a toy which then breaks into pieces. The father yells at the child, in front of his friends for breaking an expensive toy.

Well, toys are not meant to last long. A new toy can be purchased. But how does a child feel when his father yells at him in front of his friends for breaking a toy.

How will this child grow up ? What values does he pick up from his father ?  – That toys are more important than his own feelings.

For many in this material world, objects are more valued than someone else’s feelings.

It is the duty of parents to build them, not tear them. Yelling has never solved any problem. It is an unwanted behavior children learn which they carry forward in their teen age and adult hood.

If parents understand that they are not perfect, how do they expect children to be ?

And what about the damage done to the child. The child grows up thinking that toys were more important than them and that it is okay to hurt someone’s feeling but not okay to break toys.

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13 thoughts on “Are objects more important than a child’s feelings ?

  1. That’s right! I’m grateful someone impressed on us to never yell at our only child, only if she’s about to step in front of a car or something dangerous. And that never happened. Now we’re watching her and her hubby raise our grandsons….you don’t want to see them yelled out over breaking things….

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  2. What an important message you impart to parents in this post. As the mother of six, I totally agree with the sentiments you express. To quote what you said: ‘Yelling has never solved any problem’. And toys – no matter how much they cost – are never more important than the child,

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      1. It was scary, Sudhir, especially as it took me a while to realise it was removing the photos from my media library that deleted them on my posts. It’s all down to my own ignorance, so I’ve only myself to blame. I will have to upgrade soon, I know, but until then, I’ve learned a lot about what happens due to mismanagement. I’ll aso be using fewer photos in my Travel posts, too! 🙂


      2. I think it’s a case of staying positive and doing our best to make things go right for ourselves. Push ahead with your business palns – just as I will do with my writing – and do the best you can to make it excellent. Problems can just be dealt with if they arise. I wish you well in your business, Sudhir.


  3. You are right about not yelling at them when they break a toy. I totally agree. But my kid sometimes bangs his toys just to get attention while others(adults) are busy talking. So, if it is unintentional then it’s fine but I would also say that we should teach the kids to value their toys and care for them rather than break them. They should learn that everything can’t be replaced with new ones(like their toys). But I am against yelling!

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    1. Explain to your kid about good choice and bad choice….When your kid breaks the toy say ‘bad choice…no ice-cream’ ….and show him/her how to gently keep the toy in it’s place and say ‘good choice…here is your ice-cream/sweet’ ….Try this..

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