Why wildlife photographers love the challenge to capture lions with their lens ?

Suvarna Academy

Wildlife photography is a challenge many photographers love, because they can not only be rewarding, however, they can also be very frustrating.

Most nature photographers can choose the time of the day to capture nature at it’s best. Though nature photography can be challenging too, it’s much easier than wildlife.

With wildlife photography, a major challenge is to get up close to the beautiful creatures. A powerful zoom lens, if you can afford one helps.  Most professionals do carry those heavy weight lenses.

But it is the wait…that can get frustrating. With wildlife photography, you have to wait for them to do something for that perfectly timed shots that gives life to the image.

Using the right shutter speed is important. A minimum of 1/500th of a second on a bright sunny day if the animal is still of greater speed if they are moving.

There will be missed moments…

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