Why wildlife photographers love the challenge to capture lions with their lens ?

Wildlife photography is a challenge many photographers love, because they can not only be rewarding, however, they can also be very frustrating.

Most nature photographers can choose the time of the day to capture nature at it’s best. Though nature photography can be challenging too, it’s much easier than wildlife.

With wildlife photography, a major challenge is to get up close to the beautiful creatures. A powerful zoom lens, if you can afford one helps.  Most professionals do carry those heavy weight lenses.

But it is the wait…that can get frustrating. With wildlife photography, you have to wait for them to do something for that perfectly timed shots that gives life to the image.

Using the right shutter speed is important. A minimum of 1/500th of a second on a bright sunny day if the animal is still of greater speed if they are moving.

There will be missed moments. You wait all day for the perfect moment and you click the button and the animal has moved away from your frame.

While shooting moving animals, it is best to click in continuous shooting mode. At least one of the multiple images you shoot will be a perfect shot.

Lions are wildlife photographers delight ……

Recently, a photographer from Pakistan, Atif Sayeed captured a photograph of a lion so close that if he gone any closer, there was a possibility that the lion could have snatched the camera from his hand and clicked the photographer’s photograph instead. However, I must admit that was the best image of a lion I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Some amazing facts about Lions

  • Lions roar to communicate their location to other prides. Their roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away.
  • Females do majority of the hunting, while males are the first ones to eat – love this one 🙂
  • They love lazing around all day – almost 15-20 hours. No wonder they are called the ‘King of the Jungle’

    and the best one

  • In the summer of 2005, in Ethiopia, few lions protected a 12-year old girl who was abducted by four men who intended to sell her to an old man. The lions guarded the girl until the police arrived and later disappeared into the forest.
Suvarna Ventures - stock image of a lion
Image Courtesy: Sudhir Suvarna – Location: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai – India

I waited for this beauty to yawn…but unfortunately, it didn’t !!

How would these lions introduce themselves ?

I do not have long teeth or the size of the elephant to boast off. I don’t have a need to scratch my armpits nor jump trees like a chimpanzee to grab attention. Neither, can I hop like a kangaroo. I can’t run as fast as the cheetah, however, when I am hungry and decide to go for a walk in the park, you know why I am the ‘King of the Jungle’.


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