A small kind gesture can make someone’s day, weekend or even their life.

If we understood that our actions and words can affect people, then it should not be difficult to understand that little gestures too can make someone’s day, their weekend or even their life.

At work, a manager or supervisor can spend just 15 minutes each of their sub-ordinates inquiring about their weekend and note the difference. There won’t be any Monday blues for their staff next week.

We spend so time with each other and then take each other for granted. Sometimes just a few minutes of informal chat helps build the bond.

Even better is when you have known someone for a long time, but never had the courage to talk to that person.

A kind gesture with a little compliment about their work will make their life.

It’s amazing…compliments have such a positive effect on individual. Spending few moments to compliment sounds like a lot of hard work for many.

Instead of giving details how busy you were, try replacing the words ‘I was busy’ with ‘Hope you have been doing great ?’

Keeps the bonding alive….in any relationship.

Today, someone who follows my blog showed a kind gesture towards me.

So, now I feel motivated to complete my target of 200 posts by end of this year.

Have a great Sunday !!


4 thoughts on “A small kind gesture can make someone’s day, weekend or even their life.

  1. Words can cut like a knife. I try to follow my mom’s rule, “if you can’t say something nice it is better to say nothing at all.” I try to follow these words everyday because I know what it’s like to be cut by sharp words.

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