You’ve still got time to pursue your childhood dream……….

Suvarna Academy

Majority of us, while they grew up, watched their favorite sport(s) or a movie, would have read books of their favorite author or admired a creative artist and would have dreamed to become like those celebrity personalities who inspired them and continue to inspire the till date.

Few among us dared to be like those famous personalities and some even actively pursued their passion and even became better than those they admired themselves.

Most people, I would say, the rest of the world, however, will tread a safe path of pursuing education and find a job.

Every soul had a dream when they were younger ….

Innocent eyes of a child Beautiful eyes of my son – Aadarsh

However, only few pursue their dreams passionately….

What differentiates between those who did pursue and those who didn’t is passion and commitment. They went through the struggles and tried until they succeeded. Nothing came easy for them too…

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6 thoughts on “You’ve still got time to pursue your childhood dream……….

  1. Time is what you need to pursue your dream and passion and time is not always on one’s side. In saying this, if we truly love something and would like to achieve it we need to work at it. Pursue the dream with all our heart. We believe in what we want. Things may be a little cloudy along the way but will still continue the journey. I once was listening to an interesting conversation where the a person said that the Universe needs to see that you are serious about what you would like to achieve. That impacted on me. Rather than dream we need to show that we are serious about what we truly desire and are passionate about. I also believe that it is about the journey and not the arrival. A passionate journey through life and what we would like to achieve!

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    1. Beautifully expressed Milanka… Hope you are doing great ?
      Much of what I wrote, I decided to apply to myself first few years ago. Time lost won’t come back, but I will lead a different life now on.
      I wish you great success in pursuing your dream. 🙂

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      1. Thank you Sudhir. I am glad to hear that we are all on a journey. I have reached a good time in my life where a great deal has been achieved. Children grown up, pursuing study & careers, home relatively organised, husband, dog etc. I have put things aside for many years due to other interruptions life has thrown at me. Dealt with them and moved on. I have always had a passion for cooking and food in general. Recipes, cooking and being creative with different ingredients comes easily to me. However, I am learning new skills such as photography, food styling which I find interesting. I am showing the Universe that I am serious! Path is a little cloudy, I am sure the fog will clear. Until then I am enjoying the journey. Enjoy your weekend Sudhir. Milanka


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