You’ve still got time to pursue your childhood dream……….

Majority of us, while they grew up, watched their favorite sport(s) or a movie, would have read books of their favorite author or admired a creative artist and would have dreamed to become like those celebrity personalities who inspired them and continue to inspire the till date.

Few among us dared to be like those famous personalities and some even actively pursued their passion and even became better than those they admired themselves.

Most people, I would say, the rest of the world, however, will tread a safe path of pursuing education and find a job.

Every soul had a dream when they were younger ….

Innocent eyes of a child
Beautiful eyes of my son – Aadarsh

However, only few pursue their dreams passionately….

What differentiates between those who did pursue and those who didn’t is passion and commitment. They went through the struggles and tried until they succeeded. Nothing came easy for them too – but few have made it despite all odds.

While it is understood that our ultimate goal is to make money and live a comfortable if not a luxurious life to support our family and children, our dreams remain dreams. It need not be like that.

What we got to remember is a job is just a means to pay the bills. It doesn’t matter how senior you are in an organization, when you leave this world, nobody is going to remember you for your job title.

What is unique for the sports and movie celebrities or authors or any artist is that they will be remembered for their work and will be identified by their own name and not their employer’s name. Their name itself is their own personal brand. Their own identity.

Whatever we dreamed during our younger days may not be realistic to fulfill later on in life. However, we now have a new set of opportunities that we can pursue where age does not matter.

Age should not be an excuse unless you dreamed of playing football. There are many other goals you can set yourself which is realistic and that can be actively pursued while we hold a job too.

A little time can be devoted over the weekend to pursue them. We can cut down time socializing. Most people realize that the time we spend socializing with friends are all waste. Even bigger waste of time is watching that television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  I wonder whether anyone has won an award for watching T.V series. Neither is anyone going to get an award for adding 700+ friends on facebook.

We can surely devote a couple of hours every weekend. Your dream could be anything simple – e.g. becoming a chess champion in your town.

It is never too late to pursue your dream.


9 thoughts on “You’ve still got time to pursue your childhood dream……….

  1. Very inspiring, Sudhir. I’ve come to realize that most people, if you ask them, won’t say that they want to be rich. The fewest actually do. Most of them just want to have a comfortable life. As for me, my favorite word is “prosperous,” for some reason.

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