The truth behind why people lie …….

The truth is – honesty isn’t rewarded. Very few people appreciate honesty. You are expected to lie without getting caught and people have mastered this art since childhood.

If your children told you they don’t like going to school because their teacher isn’t great, you wouldn’t listen, so they tell you they have a stomach ache.

How many job candidates would get a job offer if they were honest with the interviewer that they are quitting their previous employer because of a jerk boss ?

In fact, there is an industry out there that will guide you how to lie successfully in interviews.

Interviews is one test where employers test your lying skills without getting caught.

How many employers would keep an employee if the employee said s/he suffered from anxiety or depression ?

At work, honesty doesn’t pay. People are afraid to give bad news to their boss fearing that the boss will just blow up or start a temper tantrum.

Even businesses lie to their customers. If they decided to be honest and told you they have a poor customer service, they know you wouldn’t buy from them. So they lie too. They have an irresistible offer for you but you haven’t read the small print as yet. There is an official department to tell lies and a billion dollar industry called ‘Marketing’.

At personal level, telling someone that they are busy is also a lie. Most people are not busy, they are just avoiding someone whom they don’t want to interact.

Telephone is the best invention man has ever made for lying. You really don’t know whether the person at the other end is really interested in talking to you as you can’t see their facial expression.

Relationships are formed on the basis of lies. Such relationships do not last forever. But neither do they have any chance of lasting longer if they were honest.

You wouldn’t want to see any celebrity as they are, without makeup and photo shop. So they trick you to an appearance they are not, just because people love to see them with perfect skin and color, which they are not.

Most of the behavior we do not like in others is our own creation and expectations. That is exactly what we expect from people. We want to feel good about ourselves. We expect everyone to be perfect as that is how we would like to see them. Everyone else expect us to be perfect and hence we lie to others about ourselves.

We write about how others hurt us. We have hurt others too – I admit I have too.

We are expected to behave for social approval, to look good and give a good impression to the world.

The truth is society does not accept our true self and they leave us with no choice.

You only get what you ask for !!


7 thoughts on “The truth behind why people lie …….

  1. I have to tell you this story. Once in a group interview, one of the interviewers asked a woman when is it okay to lie? She stood up and asked, “Do I look fat in this dress?” The entire room laughed at her humour. I don’t know how people come up with something so funny so quickly.

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