The power of compliments ….Why one must never under estimate the positive effect of complimenting people.

Suvarna Academy

If there is one thing I would never get tired of, is  complimenting people. This is often overlooked at work and people do not realize how important it can be for someone.  I wouldn’t mind skipping lunch if someone gave me a compliment at work.

I worked for an organization which was toxic – too much blame game, put downs, belittling staff. It was no surprise then that employer had a high attrition rate and nobody cared.

Another client I worked for though had a totally different work culture – they had a concept of gifting a ‘Thank You’ card for even little work that people would do to help someone else get his/her job done. Many staff members would show off their collection of ‘thank you’ cards to everyone. It was fun and great way to motivate staff.

One of my ex-boss did not have a clue to praise…

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