Whom would you give the credit for beautiful images – The photographer or the subject ?

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With advanced technology and high speed internet, we get to see some amazing images of people, culture, cities and nature around the world – thanks to the great effort by photographers worldwide to capture those special moments and show us this beautiful world from the comfort of our home.

After quitting my corporate career in Information Technology and due to my poor health, I pursued my life long passion of photography – a passion which is alive till date.

I also did research on photography and came across an article on the net which had a statement made by an individual that all credit for great images must go to the subject instead of the photographer. This statement seemed to have irked many photographers who read that article.

I thought over his statement.  It could be partially true, when we see beautiful images of nature, women, kids, moon – due credit…

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2 thoughts on “Whom would you give the credit for beautiful images – The photographer or the subject ?

  1. I left my career goals too, because of poor health, but I try to keep my passion for writing alive, which is why I started my blog. I agree with the statement as you do. When I tell other people’s story, I am grateful because without them I wouldn’t have a story to tell…I really like the photo too!

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    1. I wish you great health Jennifer and success in your passion for writing. I will look forward to your writing.
      Yes..health issues caused a lot of problem to the point I did not want to live until I found my passion. It’s been a hard battle since then but I will come out of it 🙂
      I would like to read your story too.

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