Have you thanked God today ? – How showing gratitude can change your life

A couple of years ago, I remember reading a news article about an NRI (Non resident Indian) living in Australia who tweeted about the poor service provided by an airline he flew just few days ago at that time.

I was not into blogging then, however, I wish to write a post about that moron,and I will write about him soon as to why such people need to get a life.

All over the world,  there are people who have lost their loved ones, thankful to God for their two meals, people battling critical illnesses, many do not have a job, there are people who lost their homes during recession and there are people who can’t walk and here you have a gentleman who was whining about some poor service on an aircraft.

My observation is that people who complain about everything that is wrong are the ones who have got everything in life.

In most workplace, there are people who have got a job, a mobile phone, a car, a lovely home and complaining about some project that got delayed or a report they did not get on time.

I believe the most difficult thing humans will ever find to achieve in their life is to stop complaining about anything they find wrong in their life at least for a week.

In fact, I believe, if we try and make a habit of showing gratitude everyday, then we will be happy for what we have in life.

The real secret to happiness is showing gratitude for what you have rather than what you could have.

Below are few reasons why you should practice showing gratitude

  • Your dreams are not yet realized yet but  you’re alive and anything is possible.
  • You’re breathing.
  • Your loved ones are alive.
  • You have an internet connection and you can read this inspiring post and you are looking forward to more.
  • You had a great meal today.and finally,
  • You’ve found that amazing friend and philosopher you waited all your life.   🙂
    I thank God too for keeping me alive to share this post.

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