The power of compliments ….Why one must never under estimate the positive effect of complimenting people.

If there is one thing I would never get tired of, is  complimenting people. This is often overlooked at work and people do not realize how important it can be for someone.  I wouldn’t mind skipping lunch if someone gave me a compliment at work.

I worked for an organization which was toxic – too much blame game, put downs, belittling staff. It was no surprise then that employer had a high attrition rate and nobody cared.

Another client I worked for though had a totally different work culture – they had a concept of gifting a ‘Thank You’ card for even little work that people would do to help someone else get his/her job done. Many staff members would show off their collection of ‘thank you’ cards to everyone. It was fun and great way to motivate staff.

One of my ex-boss did not have a clue to praise his team. While some see the glass half full and some see the glass half empty – this man could not even see the glass. All he needed was a compliment to change. Then it became a habit. Later, he started giving compliments too.

When someone is rude to you, give him/her a compliment.  Something like ‘You are a wonderful person.’ . Note the difference.

Your loved ones and the most important people in your life need compliments too. They will feel good. And you will feel good too.

And now for people who are reading this post ….

I have read everyone’s blog for those who cared to follow my blog.  All of you are great writers. Keep writing and inspiring me.

When someone gives you a compliment, accept it gracefully too.

Alright – I lied about skipping lunch – as I just can’t miss food  🙂


23 thoughts on “The power of compliments ….Why one must never under estimate the positive effect of complimenting people.

  1. So very true! I often see a huge difference in the workplace of those who have a supportive environment vs those who do not. The company eventually breeds a lot of toxicity as you mentioned, and can affect its employee’s lives so negatively, which in turn affects their work at some point. Thanks for this and for being someone willing to make that difference. I believe the same and try to work at that as well.

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      1. Yes Sudhir (hope that is correct?), I am a licensed therapist. Very passionate about mental health. I have very recently become so interested in industrial psych due to a friend working for a telecom company and telling me a bit on what goes on. I can’t believe some of the stories! I do recall your post about the employee driven to suicide? I want to reread, so terrible but very real. Your writing about all this is important to let others know it does happen out there! I am so sorry you experienced such a close to home situation with that. How awful. I need to make time and write more on here. At some point I may ask you permission to reblog an article of yours, they’re great.

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      2. I have gone through the phase of being suicidal. At that time, I did not know about bullying. I thought it was me- I was lacking something. I lived in London just for my son’s school. My bio talks about the rest. I will spend rest of my life to raise awareness on workplace safety. I will share few more posts on workplace safety with you.
        Thanks for your comment Gabriela.


      3. That must’ve been so terrible! What a toxic situation you all were in. Yes, so many people look inward at themselves believing they are at fault when they are not! The bully is good at manipulating people in that way. Thank you for raising awareness. I am looking forward to reading more on this topic. I feel it’ll be a good one for me to revisit next week with the clients at work.
        Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Yes indeed, compliment is very inportant for motivation and encouragement. 🙂 I really believe people are more happy and will be willing to go the extra mile if their company and their boss are recognizing their worth. It is true everywhere, in workplace, home and in friendship. Thank you fir sharing your thoughts on this and you are a very passionate and wonderful writer. 🙂

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  3. I believe every school, college and workplace should have a councillor that can be easily accessed. Work bullying is awful. Mostly it tends to be subtle and under the radar. Nit picking, criticisms, jokey put downs (that are in no way funny !) , making you doubt yourself. Sometimes its so subtle but sustained it starts to break you down without you knowing it and then wham one day you wake up and your self esteem is dimisnished. One thing I have come to realise is bullies are very manipulative. The best ones often smile and pretend to be nice whilst chipping away. I guess the best thing about encountering a work bully is increased awareness about how it can happen. It certainly has opened my eyes.

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      1. I will take a look. Definately compliment people every day. A lot of people are mean with compliments or treat them with suspicion. A sad reflection of how harsh guarded people are and feel they have to be. I say be free and abundant with compliments. Everyone has something worth complimenting . A single compliment definately brightens the moment and if consistent can make a person believe in themselves 🙂


      2. Yes…compliments can make someone’s life. I am a firm believer that criticism never works in any situations. This blog is about creating a positive environment at work and eliminating any toxic behaviors.
        Only losers criticize.
        I hope you receive compliments too.
        You have been kind to comment on my blog. Thank you 🙂

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