Letting go of anger and bitterness is not easy – so what is the solution ?

I hate to admit that it is hard for me to forgive and forget the humiliation I had to go through at work, where I had to face constant belittling, put downs and criticisms for almost a year of working in a toxic workplace.

It has cut deep in my heart and I just can’t get over it.

There is a lot of anger and bitterness inside me. And I wondered how do I get it out of my system for many years.

Whenever I shared what I am going through with anyone close I know, the response was ‘Just let it go..Forgive and forget’. I wish it was that easy.

I am aware that I am not alone. Almost everyone goes through these experience and we find it hard to forgive such people.

I was also exploring they ‘Why’ it isn’t easy for people to forget. The problem is we have a tendency to ruminate. We get obsessed with those incidents and it becomes a repeated cycle and difficult to come out of it.

I have tried many techniques like writing on paper, letting go off my anger and then burning the paper. It did not work for me.

Finally, I decided to tell myself that I have a big heart and I must forgive them. I understand that they are humans as much as I am.

It doesn’t matter if they destroyed my career, my family, my life. I wish them well, good health and lots of success in life. I forgive them.

I will bounce back in life. I have the strength and faith in Him. He will guide me. He had something better planned for him and they were the messenger to get me out of corporate mediocrity.

I have discovered my passion and start a fresh life. I have met many well wishers too in the past few years. I am obliged to guide my well wishers should they face a similar situation in life.

I let go of all the anger inside me. I have no bitter feelings anymore. I am free of the past. It was important for me to share this with the world.

Life will only get better from now on.


10 thoughts on “Letting go of anger and bitterness is not easy – so what is the solution ?

  1. I have encountered many people who have put me down and belittled me and it really hurts and we really have difficult time forgetting them as their words cut through our heart and our being. I have learned to take their words as compass or energy that propels me to continue and be better. I vowed never to be like them and knowing God is with us really helps. Along the way, we met people who are the exact opposites, they encourage, guide and love us and that’s when we knew forgiving and wishing well to those who hurt us gave us blessings far more worthy. I am glad to know you have forgiven them and that you are on your way to a happier and more fulfilling life. 🙂

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  2. I am struggling with my past. Sexual abuse by my father and a mother who I felt didn’t try to protect me and used the situation for her own gain and feels that she is the victim because her husband abused her child. Iam 57 and really need to let this go. I have faith in God and believe he is here for me everyday. Can you help me?
    Seems like there is always something to bring back memories.


    1. I guess it is difficult when we tend to ruminate..i.e. think over an incident over and over again. Cognitive therapy will help you to get rid of all negative events – acceptance that something wrong happened with you and it has got nothing to do with you. You are fine. Live your life. There is a lot you can contribute to the world. Stay blessed.


  3. I have gone through this too! It is really hard sometimes bit once we realize we need to let go of the toxic feelings it is very freeing to forgive. I am glad you are in a better place and I wish you and your family many blessings!

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