Leading by example – Why not walk the talk and practice what we preach ?

All my life, it did not matter to me what people promised what they can do for me, I trusted only those who actually did what they said.

I am a man of words. When I promise someone what I will do for them, I do it – never ever backed out – Never.

I am not being judgmental about people.  I understand people are as selfish as I am. We have all been brought up to look after ourselves.

I have rarely asked for help. But then came a time in life, when I had to depend on others to complete my project. In the past few years, I was promised by many who backed out at the last minute. I have now understood why it all happened. It was meant to test my patience and potential and wait for the right time and I have no regrets today.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. These are lessons I have learnt in my life that made me stronger.

Ever since social media became popular and part of our lives, I have noticed every 3rd person I have met is a philosopher preaching about failure and why you should never give up.

I wondered if they are really interested in people’s success, would they ever stop tweeting for few weeks and help someone succeed. What most people are doing is just increasing their followers on social media and gain popularity just to boost their own ego.

I am also thankful to God that I met someone who lives close by to where I live and has agreed to help me. He has my gratitude for life.

I do not want to be one of those who preaches just to impress people. Next year, when I would have settled down after my start up launch, I would like to mentor entrepreneurs and motivate any individual who seeks to pursue his/her dreams.

A lot of advice will be shared through content/guides through this blog itself. However, I am willing to offer a helping hand or even moral support during the difficult phase of entrepreneurs’ journey from starting up to launch.

I am doing this because I understand the value of mentoring and support.

I have always walked the talk, all my life and that is how it will be.


4 thoughts on “Leading by example – Why not walk the talk and practice what we preach ?

  1. I really like your honest, realistic but positive view on taking things as they happen to you especially if someone promised but let you down. It happens to most of us. I know you and believe that you will be able to continue your goal of helping and mentoring others. I believe people who are ought to help and have positive attitude will be able to achieve things they want to do. I wish you success in any venture that you do. God bless. 🙂

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