Easy to say ‘Never give up’ – Hard not to

I must have read almost 1/3rd  of all the motivational websites on the internet that motivates you not to give up on your dreams.

I wondered what does it take to write a 500-word posts on why you should not give up – a laptop and someone who has great writing skills.

Thomas Edison is a famous example for all inspirational posts. They tell you how he tried 10,000 times until he got it right. How many would have remembered Edison had he never succeeded ?

How does it feel for someone to go through the journey of uncertainty, hopelessness, adversity, pain and loneliness ?

One should ask those who are going through that journey. But who would spend a moment to talk to people who just need that little bit of support to keep going ?

Our society chases celebrities and successful people. When an entrepreneur succeeds, it’s not only media but everyone who did not believe in his/her idea will inquire about his well being.

The harsh truth is that society does not respect people who have failed. It doesn’t matter how many inspirational posts they share on social media, these people are neither going to try anything different nor support people who want to try.

And that is one of the major reason nobody wants to venture on their own – the fear of how society will treat them if they failed.

For those who did not care about society or what the world thinks of them, they went into their own world, cut themselves off from friends and went on to built great products.

They live in constant fear and insecurity. Many will hate to admit that it is this fear and rejection from society that makes them even more determined not to give up.

In a way, the society that rejects you if you fail are the very motivators for anyone pursuing their dreams.

Let the naysayers be. Thank them for inspiring you to never give up your dreams.


12 thoughts on “Easy to say ‘Never give up’ – Hard not to

  1. I agree with you Sudhir… However, I think that motivational works do you good. Because they brighten your thoughts, thoughts leads to positive action and thoughts make a man. So, I feel that one should keep reading motivational stuff. They may sometimes sound hollow but they affect the subconscious in a positive way. Stay blessed!

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  2. I agree, society loves those who succeed especially financially or artistically but they shun people who after succeeding fails. But what does really constitute success? I think we should not let society’s definition of success define who we are, awareness of our strength and self motivation are necessary but yes, knowing someone is there to support us can really inspire us to keep going and succeed. 🙂 Keep the faith!

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  3. This is great, there are so many out there that need all the support they can get but may be to modest to ask. I have stopped doing things that often is expected of me, and instead following my inner calling and it seems to work. Took a long time to get there though, but it’s so much worth it.

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