Whom would you give the credit for beautiful images – The photographer or the subject ?

With advanced technology and high speed internet, we get to see some amazing images of people, culture, cities and nature around the world – thanks to the great effort by photographers worldwide to capture those special moments and show us this beautiful world from the comfort of our home.

After quitting my corporate career in Information Technology and due to my poor health, I pursued my life long passion of photography – a passion which is alive till date.

I also did research on photography and came across an article on the net which had a statement made by an individual that all credit for great images must go to the subject instead of the photographer. This statement seemed to have irked many photographers who read that article.

I thought over his statement.  It could be partially true, when we see beautiful images of nature, women, kids, moon – due credit must be given to the wonderful creation of God.

When one sees a stunning image of the Taj Mahal, you wonder, should you give credit to the photographer or those men who toiled for 22 years to build one of the greatest wonders of the world ?

Also, what would a photographer do without a high quality camera ? Should you give credit to the camera manufacturer ?

However, one forgets that the true test of a photographer who uses his/her imagination to create that perfect image that tells a story on his own.

Who can forget Steve McCurry’s ‘Afghan girl’ and it was amazing that he clicked the same woman many years later.

When you see those amazingly sharp and stunning images of sports events, wildlife – these are the real skills of a photographer.

Portraits convey personality of the subject in one still image. It requires great skill to convey the mood in a still image just through lighting.

Some moments just happen in front of you and a skilled photographer knows when to click the button.

I admit that due credit must be given to the subject – but let’s not take away anything from those who capture moments at the right time.

Beautiful Indian woman dancing on stage used for Indian culture and a great example of timing for dance photography
A Beautiful Indian woman dancing on stage

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18 thoughts on “Whom would you give the credit for beautiful images – The photographer or the subject ?

  1. Legally I know the answer but yes, if you know the subject then it is only right to mention them as well. You could make it into a creative caption: “The Taj Mahal, a labour of love and dedication/Photograph by XYZ.”

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  2. Oh wow, never knew about folks not crediting the photographer! I know for me with even fashion work, we always credit the photographer, and the makeup artist and the stylist etc. It is a collaborative effort for sure. It takes skills to capture anything in just the right way. Credit to all! Also, very neat that you shoot! Great to learn.

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  3. I take many photos and I always have thought that my role in the process was minimal. Whether it is nature showing herself off in color and light, oceans and mountain peaks. Then there are the creations of architecture, the beauty of faces, ….I simply capture them in a moment in time. Excellent contribution.

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  4. I think credit should be given where credit is due. Both subject and photographer should be given credit as the photograph will not be shown to the world without the contribution on either part. It is great to know that you are pursuing an art that helps you share the beauty of the world. 🙂 Keep capturing wonderful moments and glorious creation! 🙂


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