The crucial role of entrepreneur’s spouse and family during tough times

One of the biggest challenge an entrepreneur will face is lack of support from his own family and most importantly his/her spouse.

I have no doubt about the fact that entrepreneurship takes a heavy toll on family life and I write this from my personal experience. While entrepreneurs may or may not know what they are getting into and how long the roller coaster ride will last, the spouse usually will have to take a lot of burden during difficult times.

While it may be highly desirable to be associated with a successful entrepreneur, it is a different ball game when someone is just starting out especially when there are children involved. This is where the spouse usually the woman is tested.

You often get to read stories of entrepreneurial success stories on regular basis. What we do not get to read or hear are failure stories, because the media do not find failure stories attractive enough to be published.

Emotional turmoil, divorces, chronic depression and even suicides are few of the darker side of entrepreneurship, which is not often talked about in media because they do not make exciting stories.

There are millionaire entrepreneurs too who were deep in debt and lived beyond their means who ended their life.

I was active on Quora for a long time before I started my blogging journey. For those of you who are unaware of Quora – it is a question and answer platform where quorans (members) can ask questions and experts in particular topic write their answers.

A question that I was asked by an entrepreneur’s wife on Quora who choose to go anonymous was whether is there anything more to her marriage other than answering phone calls of creditors and live a married life without any love, bonding and physical intimacy.

She was right in asking that question. Life becomes meaningless when you go through tough times which never seem to end. An entrepreneur facing challenging times would want to avoid not only his friends and social circle but close family members and even spouse.

Low self-esteem and confidence for a long time and uncertainties lead to depression which makes matter worse.

Such situations are a true test of love for the spouse. Life is not meant to be all roses. There are many unfortunate and tragic stories but there are successful ones that have gone through the test of time and come out with flying colors mainly because of a supportive wife.

A spouse can plan weekend and short breaks to ensure both can spend quality time together.

A work from home mother or a full time home keeper can also offer a helping hand in routine business matters like accounting, income returns, social media marketing etc.

It is rightly said that there is always a woman behind every successful men. Also, a man should provide the same level of support to woman when they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams as well.

a woman behind every successful entrepreneur


9 thoughts on “The crucial role of entrepreneur’s spouse and family during tough times

  1. Very true, the challenges of starting ventures can get out of hand in any relationship. I read that one of the reason for marital break up is really financial difficulties but I think it is the emotional break away that pushes it to the limit. Support and understanding is very important as challenges will always be there in this trying times even if we are in pursuit of a venture or not. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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