Astrology – Understanding the influence of the the planets and the moon on humans

We have always known that each one of us are different and what makes us different more than our physical appearance is our personality and emotions.

Like many in this world,  I was curious too to understand, not just why each one of us are different but also why we have different phases in life and the reason we do not live our potential.

I am neither an astrologer nor have studied astronomy or science. My curiosity to understand human emotions and personalities led to reading materials and books about zodiacs and to understand character traits each zodiac represents.

Been an introvert and hence not that great at small talks, often my ice-breaker question to get to know someone would be – ‘What is your zodiac ?’. This gets me started and the conversation rolling.

Astrology is considered one of the oldest of science that believes that we are all inter-connected and influenced by the celestial bodies – mainly the sun, moon and the planets which has profound influence on our personality, our emotions not only at the time of birth, but through out the journey of life.

Why astrology should not be dismissed as a myth  ?

For many in this world, who haven’t figured out their purpose of existence, perhaps believe that astrology is only about predictions about their fortunes, marriage and gaining wealth as it appears in newspapers and magazines.

Clearly, they do not understand what astrology is and they choose to remain ignorant. It is perfectly acceptable if people choose not to believe in astrology, however, laughing at people who do believe and especially at those who have studied astrology in-depth speaks about their own arrogance and lack of understanding more than anything else.

It is also true that only few astrologers really have an in-depth understanding about astrology and there are plenty out there just to make money and that is where astrology has got a bad press.

I have articulated my understanding on this subject in this article by answering questions most people have on their mind, in a layman’s language without getting into too much detail on this least understood subject and why it is important to understand the concepts, how our personality is shaped and why we need to look deep into our inner self.

Origins of Astrology

It amazes me that ancient astrologers even thought of a concept that humans are vulnerable to planetary motions. Astrology has been around for thousands of years. From Babylonia, it was adopted by the Greeks. The Hindus had adopted astrology at around the same time.

How can planets millions of miles away affect humans on earth ?

A common question asked by the skeptics is how can planets that are so far away from earth and with little gravity can affect humans on earth. This may not be the case in case of astrological influences. It doesn’t really matter the distance from earth where Mars is currently located. Most people believe only what they can see. Hence, there is no question raised about the sun’s effect on earth because there is no way you can miss the sun. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to see anything on earth without the sun. The sun’s effect on human emotions is also well known. What makes us happy during holidays is our exposure to sunlight.

However, the planets are very far from earth and is not visible to naked eye except for during certain period when it is closer to earth.

If distance was a reason not to believe in astrology, scientists have forgotten that their own missions on mars is capable of sending images and data back to earth through radio waves from millions of miles away from earth. If a man made little device can communicate back to earth from that distance, one can imagine the energy and the power of the planets – a creation of the infinite one that can revolve around the sun on it’s own and what influence it can have on people on earth.

The effect of the moon on human emotions is well known.

The gravity of Jupiter helps protect us from comets.

The science community and mankind in general must remember that these wonderful creations of the Almighty was not just so for man to study, visit and explore and click pictures. They exist for a reason. He is a master craftsman who has created this universe and life for a reason.

Also, not every aspect of our life, the vast universe and our existence can be defined through magnetic fields, atoms and molecules.

The Power of Human Mind 

Second to the universe, perhaps, human mind is the most powerful creation of the Master of the Universe. For a human brain to research on itself is just a fraction of brain’s potential. Thoughts travel faster than light. When you are questioned about a place, your imagination has traveled to that specific location in a split second. It is so powerful yet vulnerable. Fear, anger, jealousy are some of the emotions that humans have no control of. What you become is what you think.

The planets are the guiding force of every living being on earth. Yet, human brain is so powerful that it has it has his own free will to make a choice and decisions based on wisdom gained through out his/her life’s journey on earth.

Why is it that women believe in astrology more than men ?

Perhaps, women understand cycles better than men. Also, women are naturally inclined to understand emotions, moods and are very closer to nature than men. Another aspect could be that while men in younger days of life engage in sports or outdoor activities, women prefer to read books either fiction or novels which has human emotional elements and books on zodiacs and personalities is one of them.

Was J.K. Rowling’s best-seller ‘Harry Potter’ inspired by Astrology ?

J.K. Rowling joins the ranks of  Shakespeare, Margaret Mitchell who were inspired by astrology. Her subtle reference to astrological symbolism would not be apparent to most readers though. The lead character Harry was born 31st July – a Leo –  the same date as J.K. Rowling and personifies the heroic character of the sun sign. Very few had suspected Rowling’s had anything to do with astrology.

Why a degree does not make us educated  ?

Majority of us go to university to earn a degree to earn a livelihood. Learning subjects of  our choice like technology, finance, accounting, marketing etc. makes us an expert in that particular subject. It does not mean we are educated enough to rubbish a discipline which was studied by people for centuries.

One must at least make an attempt to study the subject before jumping to conclusion whether there is any truth in astrology or is it just a pseudo-science or just plain myth.

The choice is yours.

Image Courtesy: Sudhir Suvarna
Image Courtesy: Sudhir Suvarna

32 thoughts on “Astrology – Understanding the influence of the the planets and the moon on humans

  1. It’s a very informative and enlightening post and you so lucidly explain things of utmost importance. I feel we all should pay heed to things you suggest. Astrology at present is certainly a proto-science, it can develop into a full-fledged science if sincere thinkers like you keep supporting and researching with an open mind.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. no one can be right about everything. I am sorry but you are wrong in stating “Astrology is considered one of the oldest of science” . Astrology is not SCIENCE. ASTRONOMY is science.
    we can discuss about it if you wish.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Opinion and facts are different. There are many scientist who believe earth is 6000 years old when we already know human (homo-sapiens) living on earth since 40,000 years. There is no experimental proof of astronomy. We do not even know how many planets are there? What about asteroid belt? Does each asteroid has influence on us?


      2. That is my point about science. What we studied during our school days may not be relevant today, because science is evolving as they get more data about our existence.
        In that respect, we must appreciate the Babylonians who had very limited tools, yet they did discover the influence. Whether they were right or wrong, nobody is sure, but the fact that Astrology survived 3000 years and nobody can dismiss it is what makes it intriguing.
        Also, I wonder, why Astrology was abolished from mainstream education. Is it because wars could be predicted ? Interesting subject to research.

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      3. I always advocate one thing. Do not criticize anything until you do not know about it. If you do not understand something, study it. Learn about it. If learning makes you feel more confident about your doubt that means your doubt most probably are right. Nevertheless, when I wrote my last post, I made the same mistake. Without knowing much about astrology, I declared, “Astrology is wrong”.
        We all have cognitive biases towards our own belief. We must be careful about it while making important decision. Finally, I decided to learn about Astrology. I search for various astrologers and selected one. In two hours, I watched eight videos and took notes. I learn that to be an astrologer you need 2-3 month practice. However, that was not my goal. I wanted to understand basic concept of astrology, how it works and how planets affect us. I acquired more knowledge than an ordinary individual who believe in Astrology and horoscope.
        Now, I am in better position to comment on Astrology. I am more confident now that Astrology is not a Science. Astrology is faith-based mythology. There is no truth in it. In fact, no planet affect us by any ways. Gravity of planets is far less than gravity of your nearby objects. Sun being the biggest and the energy powerhouse and moon being closest affect earth. However, they are not planets. Calling them planet is first blunder Astrologers made. Second blunder is considering earth being center and sun, moon and all planets revolving around earth. Geo-centric theory was proved wrong long back. Now we know Sun is at one foci of planets elliptical orbits. Moon is a satellite orbiting earth. Earth is also a planet. If any affect us more than any other planet, it must be earth. In Astrology there is no space for earth effect on us!
        Astrologers can not predict anything with confidence. They make vague prediction. One astrologer differ from other. This is not science.


      4. I’m not an astrologer. What I understand is they have limited tools to predict. Even scientists cannot predict earthquakes. Science is not a full authority over anything. Their view of the universe has evolved over a period of time.
        Common people have no choice but to believe what is understood by few individuals and taught in school.
        Astrology has survived for 3000 years, so there must be a reason.


      5. the reason is ignorance. Astrology survived for so long because of our ignorance. There are many other things survived for long time. Does that means all are true? Judaism religion also survived for 3500 years does that means it is a true religion? Pyramids survived for 4000 years does that means mummy will be resurrected one day as believed by Egyptian pharaoh??? Time is not a litmus test.


      6. Okay, you do deep research. Why in 3000 years no body published deep research in science magazine?? Why no astrology book is peer reviewed? Why scientist don’t give it a damn? India must be world richest and most advance country if Astrology or any other mythology was right. Why we are so poor? Why US is super power? Just because they encourage Science not superstition


      7. //Even scientists cannot predict earthquakes// Scientist are not claiming they can do everything. But astrologers claims to know everything by looking as time of birth and location of birth. Which is fake.


      8. I must admit, it is interesting to have this conversation with you. I am disappointed with most followers, who just like a post and disappear.
        Pleasure to connect with you and have an intellectual conversation, even though, we may have different views.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes its true, people like post without reading it. They are too generous! I am always ready to change mind if i find new evidence. There is no point in abiding in ignorance and ego. Life is about learning new thing.


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