Do start up founders really need MBA to be a successful entrepreneur ?

Many among us like to have a collection of degree and certificates and like to hang them on the wall, presumably to show off to their grand children how well educated their grand parents were.

A question often asked by wantrepreneurs (wonder who invented this word) – these are people who have some great ideas and intend to start their own business, is whether they need a formal business degree.

While I admit there are many skills that you can’t just learn by reading a book, e.g. medicine, flying planes etc, running a business, although the hardest thing to do, you don’t actually need a degree.

Even if you enrolled to a degree program, it isn’t going to guarantee you that you are going to be successful.

Well, there is no guarantee even if you don’t.

The concept of enrolling onto a course to learn probably dates back to the pre-internet days when you actually had to buy a book to read and understand and a qualified individual to explain certain difficult concepts.

Now with information heavy content through text material, video etc, there isn’t any subject you cannot learn on your own if you are willing to invest time in learning online.

For those who have earned a degree, perhaps it is beneficial while applying for jobs when employers use the degree in order to screen out candidates who don’t have it.

However, there are many self-learners like me in the world who can wisely use the time they spend on the internet to learn more than what is taught in B-schools.

We often forget that education itself is a huge business. And as long as employers insist on a degree, they will flourish.

According to me, what is more important is an individuals hunger to learn.

The world of business, technology and marketing gets out of date sooner than you realize and is important to keep yourself up to date rather than getting enrolled for a degree.

There are many aspects of the business world that universities don’t teach you – e.g. perseverance and coping with failures – two very important trait for an entrepreneur.

Also, with 9 out of 10 businesses failing, it is advisable to use your savings as a buffer in case your start up takes longer to start generating revenues. You will need cash to pay the bills and other emergency expense.

It is not my intention to discourage people from pursuing a degree of if they already have one.

From my personal experience, I learnt a lot more from self-learning,  mistakes and a consistent hunger to learn every aspect of business at all times by following websites dedicated to entrepreneurship.

I firmly believe that you can learn when the situation arises. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, any business skills can be learnt over a period of time.

I would share my knowledge gained through blogging to demonstrate the skills I gained rather than add another piece of paper to my degree folder.

The online world is a huge universe where you can learn from people from their own experience.

Very much like google, which ranks latest articles for a particular search keywords, assuming relevance and timeliness, it is important for individuals to be relevant with changing times and be a student for life, rather than flaunting a degree.

Do you agree ?


7 thoughts on “Do start up founders really need MBA to be a successful entrepreneur ?

  1. I definitely agree, although I love studying and being in school, I believe it is not a guarantee for success. Thanks for people like you who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to those who are willing to learn. Expect me to be a regular visitor here. 🙂

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