What is the real reason people suffer from depression ?

Contrary to what majority of the world population believe, depression is not sadness due to setbacks caused as a result of failing in exams, not being selected for a dream job, failure in relationships etc.

That is a major problem for the loved ones to understand what someone going through depression faces.

People who suffer from depression look normal. They do not suffer from any physical symptoms.

Depression alters the brain chemistry though. The brain does shrink if depression is not treated over a long period of time.

The term ‘Depression’ is used loosely by people these days, and hence people suffering from chronic depression find it difficult to convince their loved ones what they are going through.

It is unfortunate that for many people who suffer in silence as a result of stigma in society, they are not taken seriously until they end their life.

While setbacks are one of the causes, most of the times, depression hits them for no reason.

It could also be due to prolonged stress like toxic workplace, relationships etc and then they find it they cannot take it any more.

When someone suffers from depression, negative thoughts overrides any thing positive that goes around them.

They hate any form of sound. Hence, they would avoid watching television or movies.

They may have no expression on their face and hence people think they are just sad – it is not plain sadness. Depression is much more serious than that.

Getting up from bed becomes a challenge, as they feel there is no purpose to live.

Depression is aggravated by people around them who think they are just seeking attention. Insensitive remarks can also aggravate the situation.

Though people suffering from depression cut off from others, they actually need someone to treat them like normal, have a deep conversation, casually inquire about them or compliment them for their achievements, however minor they may be.

My observation is that people in creative business like writers, authors, actors, photographers are more likely to suffer from depression.

During this worst phase of life, people who suffer from depression also embark on a journey to discover life – the purpose of living and why it is important to have harmony in society.

I have interacted with a lot of people in my life and found that people who have suffered from depression or are going through depression are the most sensitive and caring people around. Perhaps, they have been taken for granted for too long or they know what compassion is and why another human is necessary for people to survive in society.

Unfortunately, the only person who can help the person who suffers from depression come out of it is the person suffering himself/herself – and they are strong enough to come out of it on their own.

Image to depict depression


16 thoughts on “What is the real reason people suffer from depression ?

  1. This post rings true – everything in it, all those symptoms, especially difficulty in getting out of bed. I had suffered long term from it, and only those who have gone through it would be able to understand what you’re going through and why. It’s usually not easily comprehended by someone who hasn’t experienced it, even if they mean the best. Thanks for posting this. To anyone reading who might currently be suffering, I want you to continue the fight till you get out of it.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I am also going to post about the effect of toxic workplace, bullying and management incompetence that could affect people’s mental health. I wonder how many quit their job without another job because these couldn’t cope in such workplaces.

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