How does one deal with failure ? Lessons learnt from Apollo 13

Suvarna Academy

Motion pictures are an integral part of our lives. They not only have have entertainment value for the masses that can keep the audiences glued together during the entire duration of the show, but also have a lasting impact for years and generations later for its  narration,  performances and a gripping story line.

Apollo 13 is one such movie, based on a real life event that I watched and enjoyed just like any other thriller. I watched the movie sometime in the summer of 2002 -3 – can’t recollect the year. However, it was only a decade later when I faced some major setbacks in life that I could draw huge inspiration from this movie. 

As it happened ………………
11/04/1970 –
‘Houston we’ve had a problem’  – was the message from Jack Swigert  when the crew on Apollo 13 was just 200,000 miles from Earth.  That fateful night, a spark…

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