Did you get your wake-up call ?

It took me a while – but I did realize few years ago as to why I am just an ordinary soul but not meant to be.

I have lived a selfish life through out.  I did not look beyond my own selfish interest and material needs.

As they say, while humans are busy looking after themselves – God does look after you.

Whatever you may decide to call your life changing events, be it mid-career crisis, setbacks, redundancy –  God gives you a wake up call.  Life events are meant to shake you up.

Some people get it, most don’t.

I did brood over the series of setbacks for a long long time. ‘Why me?’ was the question I asked myself because I knew I was good at what I do.

I did not get God’s message.

He did not want me to spend all my life in a cubicle having team meetings and writing e-mails to people sitting next to me and pretend that I am going to change the world.

What will happen to me in future, I don’t know but I very well know I am not going to be satisfied in life with mediocrity.

Every setback made me stronger than ever. If I fail in another attempt, I will try again.

Nobody became an overnight success.

I believe in God – All that happened to me makes sense now. He has plans for me.

I got his wake up call.


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