About Suvarna Ventures – What you should expect from this blog ?

I know blogging is not easy…..

Forty posts in less than two weeks and I am hungry for more.  I am aiming for one hundred posts by end of September.

What you should expect ?

  • Share thought leadership about workplace, management and to promote respect and dignity at workplace,
  • Share knowledge from my 17 years experience from the corporate world and through research work about business,economy and various industries like information technology, retail, telecoms, automotive through visual imagery.
  • Visual stories on life on earth, planet earth, global tourism, connected world and globalization.
  • Amazing facts about planet earth.
  • Everything you need to know about marketing.
  • Inspiration for everyone to tap their potential. Pursue their dreams and never give up until they succeed.
  • An entrepreneur’s journey from stagnation in corporate world, finding real meaning and purpose of life, beginning of the adventure, failure, impact on family and subsequent rise from failure.Goal setting always helped me in life.  Now that I have shared with you, I have an internal pressure to achieve what I have set out to achieve.



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