The psychological price of starting a business

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Perhaps the easiest job in the world is to give advice to people, especially the first time entrepreneur community who are constantly seeking inputs from any source they can get access to and there is no shortage of advice either on the world wide web or the millions of books that are available to help people become rich overnight.

Most media and publishers will repeatedly talk about success stories of entrepreneurs and will give you a list of people who became billionaires before they turned 30, they seldom highlight the harsh truth of the mental turmoil and the struggle that entrepreneurs whether solo or with a team
have to go through. Because the consumers of media want to hear only success stories as they sell like hot cakes.

It is hardly surprising then, that we often hear about Mark Zuckerberg in the news and sometimes almost every single day, but…

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5 thoughts on “The psychological price of starting a business

  1. I love that you highlighted the other side of this. You are right in that so often the entrepreneurial world sells on success stories. My partner is looking at entrepreneurship and I know he appreciates this kind of information. I meant to ask what the title of your article about the bullying from the company was? I searched a list of posts here and couldn’t find it. I am hoping to share it next week as I got a good social media following going and would love to share the word! Hope you are well, Sudhir.


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