Procrastination is not bad after all

Suvarna Academy

After quitting the deadline focused madness of the corporate world, I am now an independent creative soul, and I look for positives in every outcome. I never considered procrastination that bad at all.

Creativity is ultimately a thought process. Thoughts do not occur to you at a particular time. Creativity evolves over time. Movies are not scripted in one sitting. It evolves in the head of the creative team and also goes through several changes while it is being scripted.  Sometimes, the director may change the entire script if s/he is not satisfied with it. Then a new thought process takes shape.

Also, pure thoughts to be articulated into words that others can understand takes time. It is not an instant process. I wouldn’t call it procrastinating if a writer takes his own time to write what is going on in her/his head.

What may seem to many as procrastination is…

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