NO – means Next Opportunity and a better one.

Suvarna Academy

How many times have you been in a situation that you just arrived at train station and the door of the train closed before you could step in ?

You are disappointed but when the train passed by you also notice the train was too crowded.

The next train comes in few minutes later and has got a lot of breathing space, too many vacant seats and your journey towards your destination is a more comfortable and a better one.

Life’s journey is not too different.

Whether it is a job offer or life partner, the next one is also a better one.

We often get disappointed when you are denied a job offer, you thought you did exceedingly well in the interview.

A common response from your recruitment agent of the employer is ‘We found someone who is a close match’ – a diplomatic approach to tell you that you…

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2 thoughts on “NO – means Next Opportunity and a better one.

    1. Indeed Evang. We just need patience. You won’t believe the number of people I contacted to help me for my startup. Now, I learnt to do few things on my own. Thank you for your comment.


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