Why few people prefer buying a book from a physical store rather than online

If I ever win a million dollar lottery, then I would give up all my work and read all the books that is available in the book store.

I would be honest though that I developed this addiction only recently when I decided to go self-employed.

I consider myself fortunate that there is a physical book store just half a mile from my residence. Though, I can comfortably purchase a book of my choice from online stores, I make it a point to buy a book from a physical store.

Like many book lovers, I love to hold the book in my hand, feel the book, read few pages and then decide whether I should buy or not.

Sometimes, I feel like buying all the books in the store – but I simply can’t spare so much time.

I can jump from self-help section to management to food and just glance at each book.

The staff of the book store I visit know me by name, smile at me and it’s a personal relationship.

Recently, I have been researching on Workplace Bullying and the impact of bullies on mental health of individuals.

I had the choice of researching a book on Respect and Dignity at work and order a book with a click of the mouse. These online book stores are impressive in term of quick delivery too.

However, I had a second thought. Why should I buy a book on ‘Respect and Dignity at work’  from an online shop that does not treat it’s own employees with respect and dignity ?

Perhaps, not everyone realizes that to give you prompt delivery and excellent customer service, there is someone somewhere like you who makes a huge sacrifice and is not treated right if they fell sick or attend their loved ones who are sick.

I love the half hour walk to my book store too – I can maintain good health.

The point I emphasized all my life is when you do not treat your own employees with respect and dignity – you lose one customer at a time.


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