Let me remind you – You are not average. Show the world what you are capable of.

Suvarna Academy

The concept of ranking people, for whatever reasons, probably started in academics. I still wonder why is it that way.

Children go to school to learn. If they knew everything before going to school – why send them to school.

While students learn various subjects, not all of the subjects excite them because they are not sure where to apply the knowledge gained in real life.

Ranking students based on some test is ridiculous. If a student did not understand a particular subject while at school, s/he will surely learn later in life when it is needed.

It does not make this student average for life.

My belief is that if a student did not score well in geography, it shouldn’t matter. Nobody was sent on a space mission straight after school anyway. They learn when they are mature enough and have interest to know more about astronomy.

The damage…

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