Multiple careers is the way forward

Majority of us choose a career (let’s be honest) influenced by our friends, relatives and most of the times not having a clue due to lack of a mentor to guide us in our early stages of life.

Not everyone is lucky to have their parents around when young graduates are in college to guide them. These young students are left on their own to make a career choice.

Though most people do well in the career of their choice, very rarely is anyone’s career going to be smooth sailing until retirement.

Much of stagnation happens because humans tend to get bored of doing the same routine work over and over again, year on year. Lack of growth option is another reason for frustration.

Your CEO’s office might just be next to your cubicle. However, you will realize that to get your own desk inside the CEO’s office might take you at least 10-15 years or maybe never.

Are you meant to just prepare cash flow statement or some project report or do you want to be know as some spreadsheet or power point expert for a paycheck at the end of the month ?

I am not suggesting in anyway that one must quit their boring job and start his/her own business. In fact, I strictly warn anybody who acts on impulse. I would strongly recommend that planning for another career must happen while they have a job and they must exit their employer only when they are sure of what they are going to do next.

Majority of us don’t even know what our strengths are. We wait for life to give us a wake up call as most people affected during the recession realized.

Recession has also given us all a harsh reminder that ‘Job for Life’ no longer exists.

We have also learnt that there are only few industries like food which is recession proof but not entirely. Few industries do not survive due to technology advancement. Where have the video cassettes gone, any idea ?

Even the Information Technology industry which could guarantee a job once upon a time is no longer a safe industry in the long run. With constant changing technology and budget cuts by most enterprises worldwide looking to cut costs to stay afloat, has caused concern for many especially in managerial roles.

While admittedly there is no such thing as dream job, in this highly competitive world, but at least you will have another option to pay your bills if life strikes you hard.

It is important to get out of the comfort zone. The process of researching another career option must start now.

Perhaps, setting aside a little bit of money for learning new skills. Start networking with people and get to know what their job is like and what challenges they are facing.

It is possible that you may enjoy the job in your new career but will not earn the salary you received in your previous job. But there will be some money deposited in your bank to pay the bill rather than nothing.

Think !

Never give up.


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