Do entrepreneurs talk to themselves when they are down ?

If I met the Never Give Up Man,  I would volunteer to go for a walk with him (I know he loves to walk a lot) and initiate a conversation as he won’t talk on his own.

‘You are an awesome human being.’  ‘What’s wrong with you?’  You sound so bitter. Why aren’t you talking to anyone? You are not the same person you were few years ago.

‘There is so much anger inside you. I have known you as a very calm person who cared about other’s smile more than your  own. You loved every moment of the time you spent with your son. I could see the child inside you.’

‘It is okay that you let people walk all over you. Such people were meant to only make you stronger.’

‘It is your employer’s loss that they did not want a sincere, committed and a passionate employee who sacrificed his family life and gave work his priority. Don’t blame yourself.  Such events happen for a reason. You have discovered your true self after you quit your corporate career.’

‘Don’t worry if your so-called friends walked out of your life’. They were not meant to be.’

‘Don’t worry if the world is selfish and they inquired about you only when they needed you.’

‘You are meant to do amazing things. it is okay if you failed. I am confident you will complete your website work on your own. Do not worry if people backed out after they promised you.’

‘Believe in yourself. You will surely succeed. You can inspire many in this world with your new found interest in writing.’

‘There are many like you in this world who are going through the similar life situation. They need your moral support. Don’t worry if they do not acknowledge you. Someday they will.’

‘Don’t worry if people did not appreciate your art. Someday, someone will.’

‘You will defeat Mr. Depression’ and show the world how to beat it.

‘I want you to start smiling again and spread smiles like before.’

‘You have a long way to go. Don’t let your huge potential go waste. Show the world what you are capable of. Your life has just begun. Your son needs you at least until he can stand on his own feet. He is your life and soul.’

‘I am waiting for your website to be launched and your book to be published soon.’

‘Forgive those who hurt you as they are humans too’. ‘You have a much bigger heart than them. You have a lion’s heart.’

‘Remind yourself that you were and you are and you will always be an awesome human being.’

‘Remind yourself that you think differently from the world. You are not chasing money. You are not chasing celebrities. You never chased successful people.’  ‘You have always supported people who were low in confidence and helped them to bounce back in life.’

‘I can’t promise about the world, however I can assure you I will never let you down. I am with your forever. And I know you won’t let yourself down too as you are the “Never give up man“‘.

You will rise again !


18 thoughts on “Do entrepreneurs talk to themselves when they are down ?

  1. This was an excellent post! My son in law was given his layoff notice 2 months ago. His wife, my daughter was 7 months pregnant at the time with their second son. This was the only job he’s had since high school.
    There are many in your shoes! Your son is going to see and learn many amazing things from your life!
    Thanks for the follow.

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    1. I hope this will be the turning point for your son for his own good. I wish him well and success.
      I was bullied out ..suffered from PTSD ..cut off from the world for more than 2 years. and now fighting back. There will be another post on the psychological effects of bullying.
      Thank you so much for your comment Debbie. Keep in touch.

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  2. This is truly amazing! I have no words to tell, this article is like an instant remedy to someone who is actually passing through the phase so-called ‘Mr. Depresion’ !

    Would like to Reblog this article. May this help out someone 🙂

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  3. great post, and yes we all have been there and I’m still there; fight your way through this, and believe in all is well…man se jeet toh jeet;man se hare toh har!!! all the very best:)Your son is going to be proud of you one day:)

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