The disadvantage of being smart at work

Your boss gives you a tough time as s/he does not like anyone smarter than him/her.

My observation in over 16 years of corporate life is it is always the introverted, smart, think out of the box and challenge the status quo are either bullied or the first to be fired.

As a result everyone not only acts dumb but work like dumb ass and find ways and means to work long hours as your boss thinks working long hours means you are committed.

Because you are smart, you have some brilliant ideas where you think your staff can work efficiently and save costs for the company and increase customer satisfaction and also spend more quality time with their family.

The Executives of your company do not have time to listen to you and your smart ideas as they have been extremely busy and clueless as usual, trying to figure out what is going on with the company.

The Executives who are wondering though as to why everyone’s hard work and long hours are not reflecting in the bottom line, will then hire a reputed management consultant whose CEO they met at a dinner party, who will later send few management trainees to understand the problem your firm is facing. After spending more than couple of months in understanding your problem, they will also consult you for the solution.

You share all your brilliant ideas with the management consultant trainees, because if you don’t, your executives will consider you as not a good team player and fire you.

After a few months of brainstorming sessions with you, the consultants will package your solution in a sleek power point presentation back to the executives, with a recommendation in the end that your job after all is not required.

The consultants will also ask you to sign their invoice (just a few million dollars) on your final day at work.

You search for another employer hiring smart people (who must act like dumb ass) and the story goes on until retirement.


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