NO – means Next Opportunity and a better one.

How many times have you been in a situation that you just arrived at train station and the door of the train closed before you could step in ?

You are disappointed but when the train passed by you also notice the train was too crowded.

The next train comes in few minutes later and has got a lot of breathing space, too many vacant seats and your journey towards your destination is a more comfortable and a better one.

Life’s journey is not too different.

Whether it is a job offer or life partner, the next one is also a better one.

We often get disappointed when you are denied a job offer, you thought you did exceedingly well in the interview.

A common response from your recruitment agent of the employer is ‘We found someone who is a close match’ – a diplomatic approach to tell you that you were not good enough.

A few disappointments later – you finally end up with a dream job.

Did you ever feel like calling up your previous potential employers who rejected you, just a casual hello ‘Hey…I found a better employer who is a close match to my potential’.

You will hear 100’s of ‘No’s until you hear  ‘Yes’.

An author gets rejected by 100’s of publishers until that one publisher who gives you an opportunity.

Remember, ‘No’ – means next opportunity and is often a better one.

Never give up.


17 thoughts on “NO – means Next Opportunity and a better one.

    1. That’s great to hear Ritu. During the worst recession of our times, while I was in UK..finding a job was tough… Then I worked on start up failed..lost money…now on 3rd attempt – bigger and better. If I fail again, something better lined up for sure.
      Thank you very much for your comment.

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      1. My job situation… It helped there, and now I’m in the job of my dreams!
        And strangely these words helped, when I miscarried twice too… My Pops was there, with soothing words, and made us realise it wasn’t our time yet…. But we have out two lil monkeys now to prove that our time did come!

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  1. Life doesn’t always brought roses, mostly thorns but if you focus on the feeling of the soft touch of the roses and their lovely smell, you will forget the thorns. Looking at life’s failure positively will definitely make you a stronger, happier and hopeful person. Life is worth living despite the heart aches. 🙂

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