9 truths about life we hate to admit

  1. You are an entrepreneur and surrounded by microphones held by media personnel and lot of flash lights on your face and every interviewer  inquiring about your successful e-commerce business which now has a turnover of more than $10 million in just 6 months after launch
    and then you hear a familiar voice..’Wake up honey..It’s already 8, Don’t you have to go to work ?
  2. You have read and forwarded all the inspirational / motivational quotes said by every Tom, Dick and Harry on this planet, yet your own life hasn’t changed much. Your friends share the same quotes with you that you shared with them a year ago.
  3. You are a tech-savy and you created your Facebook account for the first time few years ago and then you said to yourself  ‘Damn It!!! I could have built this’.
  4. That blurred face you see every night in your dreams has more similarity to your boss than your favorite celebrity actor/actress.
  5. You wished your car broke down on your return journey while on vacation – just that you can spend more time on the road.
  6. You believe in God just so that he does not add to the misery to your already messed up life.
  7. You are scared of lizards but you dreamed of saving a human life from a tiger attack.
  8. Your wrote one blog post and you realize your dream of publishing a best selling novel is becoming a distant dream.and finally
  9. You are worried all the time that someday you will wake up in the morning and you won’t find your loved ones around.

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