Ever wondered why are people so mean ?

Majority of people are not evil, it is just that they lack compassion. Compassion cannot be taught in school. You have it or you don’t.

Our upbringing is such that we are meant to look after ourselves first and not care about others.  A bright student in school will never part his knowledge gained because s/he fears someone else will get ahead of him/her.

Your co-worker who is meant to work with you like a team will stab behind your back to get ahead of you.

Right from education to work, we are taught to get ahead of others and it is only getting worse. This is because we are rewarded for individual heroism. A student would never get additional marks if he taught a subject to someone who is weak in a particular area.

Also, since the introduction of internet, people are communicating more and more through emails and texts and hence there is lack of emotion or concern about feelings of others. The sense of community does not exists anymore.

A sense of community does not exist in society anymore – at least among the people we know. Strange, but true that people we know actually don’t want you to succeed.

We then turn to people we never met, someone living in a totally different world,  who are in the same boat, who feels exactly like you who will offer to help you. There are good people in this world too. It’s just that you need to take effort to find them. They may not be around you though.

I know many people in real life who don’t have the courtesy to reply messages forget writing to me on their own. Few of those who do, have my gratitude for life.

People are busy chasing celebrities, successful businessmen and are interested in knowing what is happening in their lives more than people who care about them.

That is the harsh reality of life and isn’t going to change.

I don’t think I have the right to preach others how to live their life though. The change in attitude will start with me.

I believe a little compliment and encouragement to others who feel low in life will not cost me much. Helping people bounce back from failure or setbacks will give me a lot of pleasure and happiness.

This is how I will live my life until my last breath.



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