Procrastination is not bad after all

After quitting the deadline focused madness of the corporate world, I am now an independent creative soul, and I look for positives in every outcome. I never considered procrastination that bad at all.

Creativity is ultimately a thought process. Thoughts do not occur to you at a particular time. Creativity evolves over time. Movies are not scripted in one sitting. It evolves in the head of the creative team and also goes through several changes while it is being scripted.  Sometimes, the director may change the entire script if s/he is not satisfied with it. Then a new thought process takes shape.

Also, pure thoughts to be articulated into words that others can understand takes time. It is not an instant process. I wouldn’t call it procrastinating if a writer takes his own time to write what is going on in her/his head.

What may seem to many as procrastination is actually a creative person’s thought that is in the process of evolving and in the process a better product takes shape.

We are so used to our own internal deadlines all our life – education by 20, marriage before 30, kids before 35 etc., that we see ourselves as anything not done by a particular age as procrastination and then we have a low self-esteem about ourselves all our life.

While I pursue my own creative work, my thought process has evolved and now if I pursue it, the output will be better than what I thought of doing last year. I see the positive side of every thing.

There are many skills I wished I should have learnt by now. However, regretting for things I haven’t done isn’t going to boost my self-esteem.

I would rather start something today, than regret all my life for not doing something all these years.

If I just sit and brood over what I couldn’t do till date, nothing will ever be done.  I may sound weird, but I believe procrastination is fine, thinking over and over again that I procrastinated though is not.

Any thoughts of regret about what I could have done in the past that makes me feel miserable about myself, is just not worth it. I might as well not do it.

I take each year as a fresh start for my life.

As long as I am alive, I can still do all that. Perhaps now I will be a better guitarist or a VFX expert because I believe today is an appropriate time than yesterday.

I say affirmations ‘I am perfectly fine’ , ‘I am doing my best I can’, ‘I never give up’,  ‘I will do it one day’, ‘There is a right time for everything’, ‘I will win’.

I had this thought of writing about procrastination a week ago. I delayed writing this post by a week, but I finally wrote it and that is what matters in the end. This post has evolved over time, for each paragraph to take shape and what I wrote today is much better than what I would have written a week ago.

Let’s look at positive in everything that happens in our life.

What you wished you had done last year – you can always start now.


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