If we are all going to die one day, what is the purpose of living ?

Anyone who has suffered from chronic depression or knows a loved one who is suffering from chronic depression, will probably acknowledge that thoughts of death is a constant.

Last September, when I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, my brother in law got hospitalized for lung ailment.

Have witnessed 8 bodies taken out of the hospital in front of my eyes in the space of 1 week before I saw my own brother in law. I had the worst start for 2015 I could ever imagine. I am only starting to recover from the loss and started writing.

Had a narrow escape from death myself  2 years ago,  having been extremely lucky to have survived with only a leg fracture and a minor head injury. I had decided that I will live my second life the way I want to be remembered, should the D-day arrive.

God wants me to live, for a reason. I needed a reason to live.

Remember  –

When you set ambitious goals for yourself and you are passionate about achieving them, you forget the thought of dying. You have now got a purpose to live.
Here are just a few of my ambitious goal I have set for myself; and I have set a 3-year plan to achieve them.  A few of them are unrealistic, but for an Aries and the Never Give Up Man nothing is impossible.

  • Launch my much awaited start up
    This has been long delayed by Mr. Depression and a few people who backed out from helping me complete my project. I decided to go solo and launch sometime this year – however, long it takes, however long hours I need to work.
  • The Monsoon Project
    I had this ambitious plan to click around 200 images of life during the famous monsoon of India (inspired by Steve McCurry’s published project Monsoon) and had originally planned to visit at least 10 different locations in India. I had completed two – Mumbai and Mangalore, but unfortunately met with a car accident which derailed my plan. I would still like to complete another 3-4 cities in the next 3 years.
  • Suvarna – The Chef
    This one is a cheeky one.  One of my room mates in the UK ridiculed me about my terrible culinary skills (burnt omlette); and then, I vowed to  him that day that I will be a celebrity chef someday.  I can cook a great chicken biryani today.  Still a long long way to go to be a Vikas Khanna. I will not stop trying though.
  • A wildlife documentary
    Ever since I watched Sandesh Kadur’s Mountains of the Monsoon and Shekhar Dattatreya’s ‘Truth about Tigers’, I have this dream of directing a wildlife documentary. Perhaps, this is what I should have been doing.
    This one will be the toughest of all as I have no experience except for operating a video camera. Again, I won’t stop trying.
  • inFluencer on Content Marketing (and without an M.B.A.)
    My knowledge about marketing is limited and self taught. However, this will not stop me from aiming to be an influencer on LinkedIn on content marketing. Long way to go. Possibly by end of next year.
  • Inspirational Speaker
    Shiv Khera and Robin Sharma’s work have been a great influence in my life. ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera is something I read all the time whenever I am facing setback. Someday I wish to speak like them and inspire the world. Another unrealistic but not an impossible goal.
  • Publish 2 Books by End of 2016

    Never give up your dreams – This will be a self-help book a small one with lessons learnt from my corporate to entrepreneurial journey to inspire people.Visual Marketing – About effective use of visual content to promote a brand.Last, but not the least
  • Aadarsh  –  My life, My soul
    My 8  year old son is the main reason, I want to live. In this cruel and selfish world, I want to be there for him until he is strong enough to face the world on his own. I don’t want to put any pressure on him. I want him to go for a career of his choice and passionately pursue something he enjoys.

I know one day it will be all over. I did not want to die a corporate slave with a paycheck at the end of the month. I wanted my own identity. I want the world to remember me as the ‘Never Give Up Man’.

It’s been a lot of hard work and struggle for me in the past few years – but then, that is what has made me stronger.

If I manage to achieve only 50% of my goals, I will be content with my life.

I really don’t know what God has planned for me in the future. Whether he will allow me to fulfill my dream. He has been testing me for many years now. All I can do is try my best and pursue my dreams passionately and give my all.

I have faith in God. I know he will take care of the rest if I give my best.

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