How does a father feel when his first child is born ?

The experience of being a father is magical, those moments that I will  cherish forever.

The fact that I will now be responsible for a new life,  someone who reminds me of my own childhood, someone who will make me proud someday was exciting ever since my wife shared with me that she was pregnant.

I was in the U.K. then (due to a project deadline ) and my wife who was in Mumbai sent me an sms just 10 minutes after she delivered a baby boy. It was  4th March 2007, a Sunday evening. I had mixed emotions then, because I was not around to witness the birth of  my son. I got very emotional though when I read the sms that I have become a father.

While in the past I would visit friends and family when a child was born, hold the baby for some time and then come back home – this time it was something different. The thought that I need to hold my child for much longer and probably until he is able to stand on his own feet had only just sink in.

But those were the best days of my life.

Initially, Aadarsh  used to call me ‘dee’ – short for Daddy. While he could pronounce ‘mumma’ correctly, calling me ‘dee’ sounded very cute and that is how he always addressed me until recently when he has started calling me daddy.

I would look forward to returning home just to play with Aadarsh. He was a huge stress buster. Never felt the stress of work when he was around. Sometimes on a bad day at work, just his hug would be enough for me to forget all my worries.

When I helped him learn cycling, I realized that he will need my support to hold him steady in all aspects of life for many many years to come, at least until he is able to stand on his feet – and I am ready for it.

Aadarsh has turned 8 this year.  It almost seems like yesterday that I held him in my arms for the first time. He loves painting, Thomas, Noddy, his Mumma and Dee and he is my life and soul.


19 thoughts on “How does a father feel when his first child is born ?

  1. My son turned three this year. It has been a great learning experience for me being a mother. I developed several qualities I never knew I had! I grew as a person alongwith my child. But it is really nice to read a father’s perspective. Its lovely.


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