Do you feel you are not appreciated for the efforts you put in on your blog ?

It is human nature to feel appreciated for whatever we do.

I used to feel unappreciated.  However, I have learnt to be self-motivated.

And all I did is altered the way I think about others.

Earlier in my career, I had a manager who never passed on any appreciation I earned from my clients. This got me demoralized and affected my work too.

It was only later on when my V.P. had a casual conversation with me, I realized that my work was appreciated. Just a few kind words from the V.P. changed my life. I realized that my manager did not share appreciation on purpose.

Later, I was sent to U.K. for an overseas assignment and never looked back until I took a semi-retirement from my I.T. career.

I understand that people who do not appreciate are not my critics. They are just indifferent or possibly insecure or jealous.  It is human nature. They won’t care to take a few minutes to appreciate others. Because, we live in a highly competitive world.

This is something that happens to most of us.

Also, we often tend to forget that there are people in our lives, who have done a lot for us and we have not appreciated them. There are little things they do for us, which we take for granted. Hence, we must start appreciating others first to be appreciated ourselves.

We live in a ‘me culture’ society. We are wired to look after ourselves.

Social media has only exposed our hidden narcissistic nature, where people have started believing that the sun revolves around them.

When I do not get a good response here on my blog, I do not get disappointed any more. It does not stop me from writing. I look at the positive outcome. Nobody has any obligation to appreciate my work.

I believe the best way to feel appreciated is to appreciate others for what they do. Why wait for someone else ? I will start appreciating others from the bottom of my heart and do not expect to be reciprocated in return.

I know many have given up – You shouldn’t.  Why ?

Because, when our heart stops beating, the only proof of our wisdom gained over the years, and that we ever existed here on earth will be what we write here – so never stop writing.

Whether people appreciate or not, I continue to write. I believe someday, I will gain recognition.

The Never Give Up Man


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