Is Steve Jobs the only inspirational figure to pursue your dreams ?

I always wondered in the past few years as to why is the current generation obsessed with Steve Jobs so much these days.

Seems to me that anyone who has learnt a bit of HTML and learnt some app development wants to become like Steve Jobs and there is no one else in the world who can inspire these budding entrepreneurs.

There is a lot of PR machinery, media and contribution from publishing houses in recent times that has made Jobs so popular simply because he is still fresh in people’s memory.

Talking about media, majority of the world population where English is spoken will most likely consume a lot of U.S. media. Hence, it is unlikely and most unfortunate that a vast majority of people are not even aware of founders of large conglomerates like Lee Byung-Chul, Akio Morita, Takeshi Mitarai. They are equally inspirational figures in their part of the world.

Perhaps, it is also the glamour associated with the product itself that was built by his company  –  A high tech gadget used by a huge population world wide that is capable of doing wonderful things and has made it easier for people to use a communication tool.

Majority of the media companies these days seems to be cashing in on his brand name to sell their own products like magazines, leadership coaching etc.  because they know that more than sex, Steve Jobs  – the brand will assist them in marketing their own products.

Everyone seems to inspired by all the statements he has made in presence of media and people inspired by him seem to know his life history, however I wonder how many would actually want to go through the struggles and pain of building an empire that Jobs went through.

Despite being in the I.T. industry for over 16 years, I knew my limitation and I choose a different path, hence my inspiration comes from legends in their field like Steve McCurry.

I always believed one must seek inspiration from successful people, yet be realistic in their goals and what they want to achieve. It is even better if we strive to create our own identity and personal brand – very much like Steve Jobs did.

Share your thoughts. Who is your inspirational figure and why ?


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